You could say that being on an all-inclusive vacation would completely de-stress a person. However, on this trip I learned something new. When you’re surrounded by children, by family,  you almost begin feel like one. You forget everything you knew. You forget the responsibilities of being an adult. Instead, you enjoy the freedom. You remember your childhood. That childhood innocence begins to wear off on you.

This trip was worthwhile. The views in Dusseldorf and Frankfurt never failed to take my breath away. The sweetness of German city centers wrapped you around their fingers without room to move. She grabs you in through her poise, shines you with her warm lights and then blinds you with her beauty. Dusseldorf had her own characteristics. She was loud. She was vibrant. She was mad. She did not want you to leave. On the other hand, Frankfurt kept to herself. She caught your attention without trying. She did not want to be seen, but she wanted to be noticed. She followed you to the Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge) where she left you in awe of the Sun. It was incredible.

Austria is where all the magic happened. It is where the Aurora of the night sky made you smile. She took you to her castle where she showed you her desires. Later, she stuffed Nutella into her face and laughed the whole day about it. You got lost. You got lost in her chamber of sleep. Sleep was not an option, she kept you awake with her wit. You made jokes with her all through the night until the Sun finally creeped through the shades. You did not want to leave without her, so instead she gave you pieces of herself.

To conclude this epic trip, the biggest lesson I learned was how family has the power to still make it feel that they’re right next door, even when they are really across the Atlantic Ocean. It was important that I felt their presence when I came back to New York. It is the best feeling to know that I could just get on a plane and find them again…

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