Golden Dreams

Life took a toll on me recently. My hard drive on my Mac fried up, my data got lost and Apple charged me $200 for something that probably only costs $100. Then the sun started shinning and lead me to this amazing place in New York City that was able to recover all the data I thought I had lost. In that data were all my photographs, including everything from San Francisco. In addition, I was able to locate my video I had started on, which allowed me to finally edit and finalize the footage from my West Coast trip. I’m so very grateful for this, as I’m sure many of you can relate to how important my photographs and videos are to me.

There was plenty of sun shinning on me when I was in California as well. Year-round perfect weather in San Fran made this trip better than I ever would have thought. The steep hills gave me some amazing work-outs my gym membership will never come close to (It was leg day for four days straight). I experienced another side of America, which really happened to grow on me. Even rush hour felt calm out on the West Coast. The sun just glazes along your face creating the perfect highlight, enough to make me weak for a city like this. Even the air felt easier and cleaner to breathe. What truly took my breath away were the amazing views located at the top of two prominent hills known as the Twin Peaks. You had the whole city right in front of your eyes. Look to the left and you had the Golden Gate Bridge. Turn a little, you had the whole view of Oakland across the Bay. Though, it still felt like home. Walking along Pier 39 had a resemblance of Coney Island in the summer time; the carnival rides, cotton candy machines, and the kids just laughing and enjoying their innocence. It was when we rode past Marina Blvd on bicycles where the Earth’s purest grass lay across Crissy Field, accompanied by obnoxious seagulls and rambunctious dogs. I get butterflies in my stomach just going back to the moment we finally reached Vista Point across the Golden Gate Bridge. We experienced a sunset from North America’s west coast, so beautiful and so raw, an image engrained in my mind, a masterpiece I’ll never forget. Eventually, our trip came to an end. No words can possibly explain what an amazing time we all had, not even the videos do it justice.

Part 2;

Thank you San Francisco. I will miss you, although, not for long.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did creating it… Leave your thoughts 🙂