You flew here. We grew here.

Here is a thing about NYC. Here is the significance of the Brooklyn Bridge. It connects Brooklyn and Manhattan in perfect harmony over the East River. It is tough enough to hold the millions of New Yorkers and tourists who cross it, each and everyday.

Brooklyn Bridge Date Vimeo.
It withstands horrible storms that have tried and will continue to viciously attack it. You can automatically sense how these two boroughs differ from each other. They both have their own culture, the people who live on each side differ in their living. The uniqueness of each side of the river is astonishing to those who see NY as having only one attitude, one personality. Well, they were wrong. All the bridges, tunnels and roads that connect each borough meet together, one way or another. Sure, the traffic can be horrible along with senseless people who do no know how to keep traffic going when they’re walking. However somewhere in the middle of all that, there is one happy New Yorker (we all want to be that person). Sometimes, we become that person when we realize how beautiful the autumn sky looks. Sometimes, we become that person when we are in the presence of such tall beautiful architecture.. We become the best versions of ourselves when we recognize that we do not differ much from this City. Outsiders will never understand what it means to be New York Tough. 

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