18 March, 2015

We often find ourselves prone to love. We are often to afraid that when someone is aware of our flaws, they tend to run away. A relationship is a bond which takes two people to welcome love, welcome care, welcome the flaws of one another, all through being naive. Now, you cannot measure love. There is no metric ability to measure love. You can never give too much effort, you cannot measure the time, or the distance, you cannot check your bank statement at the end of each month to justify your love. You cannot. You have to accept they way things are, you have to accept the circumstances. You have to be willing to understand. You must have respect for your lover. You must respect their time, their effort, their willingness to keep you happy. However, your happiness must not depend all on them. Respect the love they give you, the time they are able to give you, respect the sacrifices they make, they respect yours. It is hard to find a love that will last. The disability of being blind goes beyond the idea of not being able to see what is in front of us, but it has gone far enough that we are blind to truth. No one is willing to learn to appreciate love for what it is. People have come to abuse it, yet somehow they cherish it in a time of weakness. As a strong human, you must learn to distinguish what is presented to you and what is true to you.

Rrita Rexhepi