One summer, five weeks, too many memories.

On July 19th, I landed in the capital of Kosova, known as Prishtina. The Republic of Kosovo is just north-east of Albania and filled with iconic scenery highlighted by its magnificent mountains. The horizon of the mountains as the sun sets creates a pathway for the sky and ground to meet. As the days went by, the hours were spent with endless conversations featuring constant laughs. Colors started to fly everywhere and all of the drinks were empty to the last drop.

Kosovo from Rrita on Vimeo
Taking spontaneous joy rides to muddy lakes where frogs run away from the white ducks. In the spur of the moment, I was grabbed by a electrical engineer fanatic along with two others to drive all the way to Skopje, Macedonia just for some sushi (which, I must say, was pretty amazing and made by a Japanese man himself).
I was forced against my will by a 6 year old to go on a hike to the highest peak on the mountains of Novobërdë. She enjoys chasing goats while pretending to be on the Travel Channel. With her impressive Australian accent she explains “the sun is setting on the east creating a vibrant effect on the sky” (no exaggeration there, there’s video if anyone wants proof!)
Without the help of a Leo signed goddess most of these adventures would have been dull. Our bond is tighter than a gay boy’s jeans. Throughout this wonderful summer, she and I have been able to look a frog in a muddy lake and just contemplate his life for him. She may be a Leo and I may be a Pisces, but when they said opposites attract, they weren’t lying. That’s a whole other story.
My favorite part of the summer was going to Prizren, Kosova during the international film festival, Doku Fest. Accompanying me was Finding Nemo’s Dori and her lover. We took advantage of the opportunity to witness creative films directed by people all over the world. To make the night sweeter, we had some white wine and cucumbers to help tame the growling of our stomachs. In addition, I also had the taste of holding a gun at a shooting range. Boy, those things are heavy…
As the days came to an end, a family dinner at Baby Gyshi’s was a last minute event that ended things so colorfully. Ha Ha. Pun intended.
Sonraki durak, Türkiye.

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