Scattered Thoughts.. via Google Drive

We all look for someone who can complete ourselves, we feel incomplete without that ‘perfect’ person. We create standards for ourselves to know how much we deserve from a human.
As humans, we believe that we must find someone who balances out our evils and promotes our good. We are made to recreate, to keep life going.
But the world has changed. We break up via text message, with no pride to face that person whom you loved.

Falling in it has become just as easy to fall out of it. We do not value the presence of a person until they are missing and we become nostalgic. We take our happiness for granted.
No matter what country, what their culture is, what religion they believe in. They all have one purpose. To live, to recreate, to keep life going. It’s a science. But why don’t we notice this?
We are too busy working, too busy moving around, too busy to realize that our lives are going to end. One day we are not going to matter, no one will know who we are. So why are we so afraid to take risks?
We have become such a insecure generation.
How much wrong can we do before we go insane?
I use the word we, as the human race. As a population of the world. But with all good comes evil. With all war comes peace. We are a contradiction within ourselves. We create rules to help us balance our sanity.
But how can we truly know what it means to be sane and what doesn’t? The world has no balance anymore. We strive to survive, but once you die, you die. Your atoms become part of the Earth’s core. Your soul no longer exists to the earth. It belongs to the stars and the dust floating above us; keeping the lonely some company and the giving the miserable happiness. Humans, full of irony.