Il n’est rien de réel que le rêve et l’amour.

Ballin on a budget. We put our cooking skills to the test in Paris while enjoying the always dreamt of Parisian café’s when possible. With a boulangerie, boucherie, Magasin de fromage, épicerie, supermarché, pharmacie, and caviste all on the same block as our Airbnb, life was modest. We lived like Parisians for 7 days, without… Continue reading Il n’est rien de réel que le rêve et l’amour.

festivals of the lanterns

"Without hesitation, we all lit up our lanterns. We went in turns, allowing out own thoughts to be read into the universe that is beyond our reach." A letter to Alfred,  Çfarë ndjehsie është të kesh një engjëll afër teje në çdo hap që ti bën. Ta ndjesh prezencën e tyre shumë e më shumë.… Continue reading festivals of the lanterns

Summer hymn…

Traveling means nothing when you have no one to share it with. A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. The memories made are priceless. It doesn’t matter how many times you visit a place, or how often you see the same people. It is about the emotions. Your  surroundings keeping… Continue reading Summer hymn…


You could say that being on an all-inclusive vacation would completely de-stress a person. However, on this trip I learned something new. When you're surrounded by children, by family,  you almost begin feel like one. You forget everything you knew. You forget the responsibilities of being an adult. Instead, you enjoy the freedom. You remember… Continue reading Edelweiss

You flew here. We grew here.

Here is a thing about NYC. Here is the significance of the Brooklyn Bridge. It connects Brooklyn and Manhattan in perfect harmony over the East River. It is tough enough to hold the millions of New Yorkers and tourists who cross it, each and everyday. Brooklyn Bridge Date Vimeo. It withstands horrible storms that have… Continue reading You flew here. We grew here.

Take 1 | San Gennaro

You can imagine how you want life to be. You can sit and wonder what will come of this. You can dream of living a passionate life with someone. Dream of traveling the world. One day, you are going to see yourself walking through a crowded street and wonder how you got there. You forget… Continue reading Take 1 | San Gennaro

18 March, 2015

We often find ourselves prone to love. We are often to afraid that when someone is aware of our flaws, they tend to run away. A relationship is a bond which takes two people to welcome love, welcome care, welcome the flaws of one another, all through being naive. Now, you cannot measure love. There… Continue reading 18 March, 2015

Komşu komşunun külüne muhtaçtır…

Komşu komşunun külüne muhtaçtır... As I record, I get inspired by my surroundings to know how I will edit the video, and which song I will decide on using. Before I even to start editing, I always begin writing because I already have the story in my mind. Istanbul from Rrita However, it was a… Continue reading Komşu komşunun külüne muhtaçtır…

One summer, five weeks, too many memories.

On July 19th, I landed in the capital of Kosova, known as Prishtina. The Republic of Kosovo is just north-east of Albania and filled with iconic scenery highlighted by its magnificent mountains. The horizon of the mountains as the sun sets creates a pathway for the sky and ground to meet. As the days went… Continue reading One summer, five weeks, too many memories.

Scattered Thoughts.. via Google Drive

We all look for someone who can complete ourselves, we feel incomplete without that ‘perfect’ person. We create standards for ourselves to know how much we deserve from a human. As humans, we believe that we must find someone who balances out our evils and promotes our good. We are made to recreate, to keep… Continue reading Scattered Thoughts.. via Google Drive